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What we do for your business

ABC MEDIA GROUP is your one-stop shop for SMB and enterprise custom software development services. Our business analysis, management, and development professionals know exactly how to shape your idea in the final product or custom software designed especially for solving your business challenges. No matter which development stage you’re struggling to go through, initial project planning, middle of the process or QA, just let us know, and we’ll show you the way out.

Custom Software Development Services​

Our custom software development services are aimed on making hardware and software work together to connect and streamline your business processes and empower the efficiency.

Custom Solutions Development

Our team of custom software development professionals designs powerful tools for automation, collaboration, and unification. Just give us your requirements and we’ll embody them in the sophisticated custom software solution.

Enterprise Application Integration

Consolidations often cause disruptions in solid software ecosystems. ABC MEDIA GROUP helps enterprises to overcome integrations challenges with micro services, APIs, data processing, workspaces, and portals. We turn your enterprise software into your ally.

Software Product Development

ABC MEDIA GROUP knows how to build the software product from scratch. Our offshore software product development service eliminates high costs and resource intensity of the new product development and lets you focus on the business.

Legacy Application Modernization

We love helping our clients to overcome outdated enterprise solutions limitations. Our custom enterprise software development experts will perform deep analysis of your legacy applications and help you to increase overall productivity.

Dedicated Software Development Team

Gather your dream team of the software engineers in dedicated development center. Keep in-house like control, cut down the costs by 50% and double development speed with Dedicated software development team.

In-house Control Level

When you hire dedicated software development team you get the same control over each developer secured by a wide range of Project Management tools.

Scalable Resources

Dedicated development center owner can significantly reduce the cost by scaling resources up and down when needed. The team size starts from one developer.

Zero Time and Money Recruitment Costs

You get experienced dedicated developers in a blink of an eye, avoiding long-lasting hiring process and high local hourly rates.

Wide Range of Technology Expertise

No matter how far the development process will go tomorrow, ABC MEDIA GROUP has access to a wide pool of professionals for quick augmentation of your project team with required dedicated software engineers.

IT Consulting Services

We can provide you with technology consulting, software project rescue or code audit to simplify your business software implementation and make your software product development process flawless.

Technology Consulting

Not sure which technology fits your custom business software best or have technology blocker on your way to software project delivery? We have the expertise to address all your requirements.

Project Recovery

Have an unexpected problem with your product delivery? ABC’s qualified consulting, development, and support team will save your project from disaster and fully recover it.

IT Audit

We will carefully screen your processes and code through our reach experience and come up with an issues list and ideas for fixes.

Enterprise IT Architecture
Complexity Enterprise IT

Architecture grows alongside your business. Our team can build your architecture from scratch or redesign it to the scale of your business.

Software Product Development

We know how to transform the pure idea into the brilliant product.

Professional Team

ABC MEDIA GROUP is a team of experienced software engineering professionals that has delivered hundreds of projects, overcoming thousands of technical challenges. There is literally nothing that can stop or slow down development process.

Cost and Time Effectiveness

Location of our outsourcing development centre in Eastern Europe and operational effectiveness allows us to offer both low rates and excellent quality for the final product.

Quick Start

With Product Development Outsourcing, you can skip months of the recruitment process and avoid lack of local professionals.

Flexible Pricing

You can choose the fixed budget option and secure your project from falling beyond the frame of the budget, or time and material pricing model and pay as you go, having a clear project roadmap and estimation at the same time.

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