Dedicated Software Development Team.

Gather your dream team of the software engineers in dedicated development center. Keep in-house like control, cut down the costs by 50% and double development speed with Dedicated software development team.

How Dedicated Software Development Team Works

Dedicated software development team approach allows IT Startups and enterprises to extend their reach beyond their location and get access to the wider pool of offshore developers and technologies at a significantly lower cost and zero time for recruitment. It combines the advantages of both offshore and in-house development: you get direct control over the offshore developers in dedicated development center while reducing the costs. Here, at ABC MEDIA GROUP, we are experienced in a quick set-up of the dedicated development team in Belarus for our partners. Our main value is to keep credible communication with the production process boost.

  • Dedicated software development team flexibility and overall project scalability.We shape your idea
  • Hire dedicated development team, experienced QA engineers and management staff with rich expertise in various industries.
  • In-house like control level secured by the project management software tools, daily meetings, conference calls and onsite meetings.
  • Full visibility and transparency thanks to the access to ABC’s tasks tracking and projects management systems on client’s demand.

How We Establish Dedicated Development Team

Contact US -> Get CVs -> Hire Dedicated Developers -> Manage Team -> Scale The Team

  • Let us know about the project specification, required technologies and number of specialists needed in the offshore dedicated development center.
  • We will match your requirements with our specialists base to provide you with best resumes for your consideration.
    ​Interview the candidates to make sure that your team perfectly meets your technical and communication skills requirements.
  • ​Dedicated developers start to work on your project immediately, while you manage the team, direct the development flow and adjust the requirements and the project scope if needed.
  • ​​Dedicated development team model helps our customers to ramp up the development speed and reduce costs at the same time. ABC MEDIA GROUP takes care of the time-consuming activities such as dedicated developers management, project management, overall product improvement, and performance optimization.

How We Manage

We believe that only systematic day by day close collaboration can bring results while working with the dedicated software development team. Communication is one of our core values and driving force behind all our processes. ABC MEDIA GROUP can help your analysis of your requirement and advice you on how many full-time dedicate developers you need to secure the success of the project and address your future needs. After that, we’ll help you to set up the task tracking and project management systems like JIRA, Pivotal Tracker, AgileZen, ZenDesk or Bugzilla, to make sure that they suit your goals best.​

Management of the dedicated development center located overseas can be a quite challenging task. In ABC we understand that you truly care of the effective utilization of your budget and resources. Naturally, remote development is about cutting the costs and speed up the development process to shorten time-to-market staying in the tight budget. And this is why we can offer you something more than the best dedicated developers, QA engineers, and software architects. We can provide you with management on demand to help your core team get reed of the routine tasks and focus on the bringing innovations to the product.

You got it right, it’s not necessary to spend lot’s of the time on the macro-management of the members of the dedicated development team. ABC MEDIA GROUP experienced management team can do that for you. You can set a deadline, main milestones, make a product requirement document, which we can help you to complete and enrich. You will get completed, tested and well-documented result right in time. This approach to the dedicated development team management allows us to eliminate constant micro-management stress for our clients and ensure overall project success minimizing customer’s time consumed by the management process.

​Our dedicated development team services optionally include an assigned onsite manager who will be responsible for all communications between your in-house team and remote developers, product requirements documentation interpretation and implementation. The dedicated manager will do whatever it takes to ensure that you’ll get best possible results just in time. Also, you can request status reports, weekly and daily video-conferences and get access to the internal project management systems which you’ll select before the project launch. When you hire dedicated development team, nothing stays between you and direct management and you always can take the control in your hands immediately.

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